5 Dog Breeds For Busy Owners

5 Dog Breeds For Busy Owners


A dog requires attention, love and time. We often have such a busy life that we postpone the moment when to adopt a dog just because of that.

Well, if this is your case too, we have some good news: there are several recommended dog breeds even for busy owners.

1). Bullmastiff


Although a big dog, bullmastiff is not such a high energy breed. In fact, he can live in an apartment, just with some short walks outside, per day. Thus, he is perfect for busier owners, especially he is very loyal, calm protective and once he accommodates into a family he wants to please his owners. If you are going to be fair and consistent in your actions towards him, you can consider yourself a lucky person: you have found the perfect dog for you and your family.

2). Boston Terrier


This is a very intelligent and intuitive dog breed. The Boston Terrier loves his “parents” and does not require much space or time. He learns any task very quickly and, as a bonus, he understands and knows you so well, that he acts accordingly. Therefore, it won’t be such a big problem if you are not next to him all day long.

 3). Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Here is a dog breed that doesn’t need a lot of playing around to make him happy. Instead, he loves cuddling, relaxing and being next to his parent. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is very calm and highly adaptable which recommends him even for busier owners.

As many of them have a heart defect, do not forget to periodically screen him and consult a vet.

4). Basset Hound


If you have a Basset Hound as a companion, he won’t require much time for long walks or playing around outside. Thus, he is a great option for busy people too. Moreover, they are sweet, gentle dogs, used in the past for hunting too.

5). Miniature Dachshund


What recommends a dachshund for a busy owner? He is very adaptable, for a calmer, but also for an active life. Besides, as he has short little legs, he does not require a lot of exercise every day. Dachshunds are loyal and loving, so they might me a great option for you too.

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