5 Most Common Cat Illnesses

5 Most Common Cat Illnesses


A cat is like a baby: you adopt her, befriend with her, start consider her a part of your family and you have the same worries as for your baby too.

As a cat cannot tell you what it hurts, the responsibility is even bigger. That’s why you should be informed! Here are some details about the most common cats’ illnesses.

1). Intestinal parasites

From time to time, examine your cat’s stool as it can be a mark for a serious condition as intestinal parasites. Giardia, tapeworms and coccidia are the most common types of intestinal parasites. Untreated they can lead to stomach issues, diarrhea, lethargy etc. It would be a good decision to regularly do a deworming process. Your vet will give you all the necessary details.

2). Fleas

You tend to neglect them, don’t you? Well, fleas are an important problem as they can lead to anemia, losing blood and, besides, they transmit other serious diseases. Even if fleas are very common especially in kittens, you should help your cat get rid of them as soon as possible.

3). Respiratory infections/conditions

There is not uncommon for cats to develop respiratory conditions, even asthma. They are pretty much like us: they tend to sneeze, cough, have runny nose, lethargy etc. The best thing to do is to go to the vet as soon as you see these at your cat.

4). Diarrhea

Not only a sign of parasites, diarrhea is a very common problem when we talk about cats’ health. It can have a lot of causes: stress, major changes in your life, changes in her diet or even more serious conditions. If the symptom persists, go to the vet.

5). Periodontitis and gum inflammation

Gum inflammation would be the early stage of periodontitis, a wide spread cats’ dental disease. If her diet is high in carbohydrate food, she will be more prone to that. Untreated, gum inflammation, tartar and periodontitis lead to bad breath, bacterium spreading, teeth decay and even kidney damage. Gingivitis can be treated with antibiotics, but good teeth hygiene is also a must.

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