5 Signs Your Cat Is Sick

 5 Signs Your Cat Is Sick


Animals can be our true friends: they are loving, caring, loyal, by our side whatever happens, but how can we tell when something is wrong with them? Cats, unlike dogs, for example, tend to be quieter, not so energetic, so it is even more difficult to see when they are sick.

That’s why, there’s a short guide that can make you question if they are ok or not. The next step would be a visit to the vet just to check that your diagnosis was correct or not.

1). Vomiting

Vomiting shortly after eating might be a sign the cat is poisoned or that it can have stomach issues. If the cat sometimes goes outside by herself, it is even more alarming as it might have eaten something wrong or, worse, poisoned. Go directly to the vet, especially if there are other symptoms like diarrhea or lethargy.

2). Coughing

You might be surprised, but even cats can have asthma or allergies. Therefore, do not overlook this symptom, especially if it persists more than a day because it might be a sign for a lot of health problems, from allergies and asthma to heart disease, tumors or contagious illnesses.

3). Weight change

If you notice a sudden change in the cat’s weight, you need to investigate it. Weight loss might be a sign for some tumors or thyroid disturbances while weight gain happenes in a lot of situations that need investigation.

4). Dull, tangled coat

It seems the cats that are sick are no longer eager to groom themselves. That’s why you should pay attention to your cat’s appearance. Is she less energetic? Does she have a dull coat even if it was once glossy? Besides the loss of energy because of a lot of health problems, changes in grooming might show a possible diagnosis of arthritis.

5). Changes in behavior, sleeping and eating habits

A cat is like a baby, so you should pay attention to any change that occurs. Does she have diarrhea, constipation? Is she sleeping the same as usual? Is she more active or lethargic? Is she eating the same amount of food? All these are good indicators of something wrong when they are changed.

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