5 Things Your Dog Can See, But You Can’t

5 Things Your Dog Can See, But You Can’t


Animals have a 6th sense, many people say. Did you ever believe this myth? Well, if you have a dog, you might have seen he is sometimes distracted or he reacts weird in ordinary situations, at least for you.

It’s true their paranormal and extrasensorial perception is very hard to prove, but here are some examples (many of them based on evidence) of things your dog can see and feel, but you can’t.

Ultraviolt (UV) Light

This is not just a myth, but a fact: dogs and many other animals see the world in UV light. In fact, this is an adjustment that helps them survive in some environments because the UV light helps them detect the predators better.

For the “nowadays dogs”, this benefit would apply in seeing every hair on your blouse, urine spots or a mistake on a piece of art, for example.

Brighter and more populated night sky

We all would have wanted to see more stars on the night sky, but we end up counting just several ones. This is not the case for your dog as he can see more stars and celestial bodies than we can. Bonus: they are all much brighter.

The magnetic field of the earth

That would be an explanation for the fact many dogs feel an earthquake several seconds or even minutes before it takes place.

Real vs. Fake Money

We all know the bank-notes have a special security feature which is not very obvious for us. Dogs have the ability to instantly see that mark.

Any spot that is not correctly cleaned

Aren’t you very keen on cleaning? Well, you know that and your dog knows that, as he can see every little dirty mark on the floor. Blame the UV light for this too.

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