Beagle – Characteristics, Personality and Care

Beagle – Characteristics, Personality and Care


Wouldn’t it be nice to adopt a Beagle, one of the cutest dog breeds? It would certainly be a good idea, especially if, after you find out more about that breed, you reach the conclusion that yes, this is the right dog for you and your family.

Here are some information about a Beagle‘s characteristics, personality and care tips.

Beagle – General Characteristics and Personality

As a hunting breed, a Beagle has, of course, sharp instincts. The fur is short, but thick. Dogs resembling Beagles were first mentioned in some Greek writings, but the first official note about this breed was made in England.

He can be kind and friendly, especially with children, as he likes to play a lot.

Given his origins, he is still used at hunting. Actually, you will see that he always seems to search for something and use a lot his senses.

Beagle – Health and Care Tips

A Beagle’s life span is between 12-15 years. Although healthy, in general, he can have spine or eye problems (cataracts, for example).

Also, another weak point would be his weight. If you are not going to be careful with food and exercise, he/she is going to get fat and raise his/her other health problems risk.

You can give it cans, dry or special food, but remember it should not have more than 2 meals a day. The nutritive properties of the food are very important so check this with a vet.

One very important point when talking about a Beagle’s care is the training.

This dog breed can be very stubborn so training must start early. Continue till the desired results appear, even if it will take a little bit longer than expected. You have to be firm because, otherwise, your dog will seem like a spoiled dog that just barks a lot, makes a lot of troubles and does not understand why you are always mad at him/her.

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