Why Your Cat Is Avoiding The Litter Box

Why Your Cat Is Avoiding The Litter Box


So you have already trained your cat to use the litter box, but lately she tends to avoid it. Is it just a bad habit or a sign that something else is going on?

 Read below what this change might indicate.

The litter box is not clean

We all know cats are very clean, but also picky animals, so if you do not regularly clean and disinfect the litter box, the cat will know and punish you: buy avoiding it and leaving the stool somewhere else in the house.

She has a new litter box

You might have mistaken the color, or the shape, or just the cat does not like this new litter box. All these might be the real cause of why she is avoiding it.

The cat associates the litter box with an unpleasant event

Maybe she got scared during the time she was in the litter box or maybe she was attacked by another animal there. You cannot know how she thinks and sees the situation, so try to move it somewhere else to see what happens.

She has an illness

Unfortunately, avoiding the litter box might be a sign of a serious disease. In some cases, the cat needs to urinate more or more often so she doesn’t reach the litter box in time. This could be a symptom of kidney problems or diabetes. In some other cases, she doesn’t feel the need to urinate or urinates too rarely: a sign for cystitis, kidney stones, urinary infections etc.

Go to the vet and see what he says about that. In most cases, your cat will receive a set of medical tests like blood tests, urine tests, even abdominal ray. All these, but for your cat’s health!

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