Cat Food: Homemade Vs. Store-Bought

Cat Food: Homemade Vs. Store-Bought


Food is very important for humans and animals also. That’s why we, as cat lovers or cat owners, should know what the best choice is for them: homemade food or store-bought food? Find out below!

Homemade food – Pros and Cons


The main advantage of homemade food is that you choose healthy, fresh ingredients for it.

You spoil your cat with her/his favorite food, but, at the same time, you assure yourself this is also healthy and delicious.

This is correct, but only if you have time to cook for her every day and, even more, important, to research a lot before making this switch.

Homemade food has to be nutritionally balanced. It has to contain a proper amounts of calories, minerals, vitamins and, in many cases; this would require even to talk to a vet or a nutritionist.

If you are willing to do all these for your cat then yes, homemade food is the choice for you!

Store-bought Food – Pros and Cons


Regarding all the nutritional substances from food, the store-bought food is in advantage. Whenever you buy such food, especially if it is of a higher quality it has or it should have a balanced ratio of vitamins, minerals, proteins, calories etc.

The bad part comes when we talk about other ingredients such as additives that may harm cat’s health. It’s the same mechanism as in our food too. No matter how good/a high quality a food is, we should always check the label.

So, this is what you have to do too: do not just buy any type of food from the supermarket. You should also research a lot about what ingredients from the label to avoid or which brands/products are better for your cat.

Cat’s choice and doctor’s choice

We mentioned cat first because, as you might know, she is so stubborn that yes, her opinion matters.

Therefore, cook for her one night, but also buy a high quality store food.

Put the two options on the table and see what happens.

Besides, we should not forget each individual/cat is different so you might discuss the food problem with its vet too. Some conditions require a special alimentation. You wouldn’t want to neglect these things.

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