What The Cat’s Fur Says About Its Personality

What The Cat’s Fur Says About Its Personality


You wouldn’t believe a cat’s fur can be a sign to show you how she acts, would you? Well, it seems there are some data regarding this and we do can predict her personality based on the cat’s fur.

The color is the most important so now tell us what’s the fur’s color and we will tell you what type of personality the cat has.

1). The cat has a fur in these color combinations: reddish (brown), black-white, grey-white

According to scientists, cats with the brown, black-white, grey-white fur colors are the most “dangerous”, meaning that they tend to be more aggressive with their owners, other people or even the vet.

Of course, this is not a general truth, but if you have a cat with this type of hair colors watch out, try to tame her or shape your attitude on hers. We are talking about cats so there is not much we can do.

Advantage: if you too are a more energetic person, you will not be bored with such cat. She also likes to play (after you make friends with her) and, eventually, she seems to be very loyal too.

2). The cat has black, white or striped fur

Congratulations! You have the winning ticket, especially if you like calmer people and, of course, calmer cats. According to scientists, these are the most understanding cats so there are slight chances you might have problems with them.

Disadvantage: sometimes it gets too boring with such a nice, calm, understanding cat. Aren’t they supposed to be pretentious and sophisticated? Well, the good news is that, even with that fur color, they can also be like, just a little bit calmer than the other ones.

Even if this what studies say, always remember each cat is different and you could shape her personality a little bit after you befriend her and she starts to trust you.


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