The German Shepherd – Characteristics, Personality and Care

The German Shepherd – Characteristics, Personality and Care



The German Shepherd is undoubtedly one of “the most wanted” dogs. He/she is very intelligent, versatile, loyal and capable, being perfect for families, but also as a watch-dog.

Read below some of his general characteristics and other details regarding his personality and care tips.

The German Shepherd – General Characteristics and Personality

This dog breed originates from Afghanistan, but it is now popular worldwide. He can be black, grey, and brown with yellow spots. The fur is quite impressive, as the one from the surface is harder and the one from below softer. Besides, the legs have longer fur, which makes him to look quite special.

The German Shepherd is very loyal, playful and responsible, characteristics that recommend him for family and children too. Yet, his/her compatibility level with children is medium, so you would better be careful before he befriends with kids.

As he/she is also very energetic, agile and intelligent, The German Shepherd is often used in rescue missions or for personal protection.

The German Shepherd – Health and Care

The life span of a German Shepherd is between 9-15 years. Health problems risk is medium, so you should pay attention all the time, especially during “childhood”.

Alimentation is very important as, when not feed accordingly, he tends to develop bone problems (one of the major aspects when talking about health). Talk to a veterinary and see what he advises you to do.

As he/she is very agile and active, he/she would require a lot of time spending outside: at least 2 hours a day or long walks, running and other exercises like this.

Therefore, a German Shepherd is not quite a good decision if you are too busy and cannot take care of him properly.

You should brush his/her fur daily. Thus, you will shorten his/her moulting period.

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