Why Having Hedgehog As Pet Is On The Rise

Why Having Hedgehog As Pet Is On The Rise


Everyday, we see more and more people bringing a hedgehog to their homes and treating them as their pets. This might sound peculiar to some, and some might wonder why could that be, given the fact that the quills of a hedgehog are quite pointy and could do more harm than good. So, why the sudden interest?

Have hedgehogs suddenly become friendly?

Actually, hedgehogs are not friendly from the first instance (unless you are very lucky), but they are certainly very cute, aren’t they? Therefore, if you plan on buying a hedgehog as a pet, here are some information you need to know about their cuteness, friendliness and habits associated with these.

How to make friends with a hedgehog?

As we already stated above, hedgehogs are very cute and friendly, but not from the first instance.

You will need patience and work (sometimes hard work) to make friends with it. As they are nocturnal pets, they tend to sleep during the day and be more active during the evening, do not handle them before 8.00 p.m.

Then, you should build a strong bond with it every day: hold him in your lap for at least 15 minutes or in a safe place where you can play and establish a certain relationship. Remember this is a habit you must repeat each day. Do not give up after several days because a hedgehog requires time and patience to get used to somebody.

Advantages of having a hedgehog as a pet

Besides being friendly (after the adjustment period), cute and small, hedgehogs do not require much space, are not smelly (but you must clean their place every once in a while), are quiet pets and, in addition, they get along well with cats and dogs.

Disadvantages of having a hedgehog as a pet or cautions you might need to take

Keep in mind they are mostly nocturnal pets so if you have them in your bedroom, you might need a sleeping pill. Besides, if they have a wheel or some other toys in their cage, the noise will be even greater.

As their quills are very pointy and, in some cases, can develop allergies, hedgehogs are not very recommended for couples with young children.

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