How to Connect with Your Pet

How to Connect with Your Pet


Undoubtedly, a pet can change our lives. We are no longer alone, or sad, or irresponsible. Yes, but in order to create a relationship with our pet we first have to connect with them.

It is true this might depend on what pet do you choose/have: a hamster, a cat, a dog, a parrot, but there are some ground, basic rules you should know. Read them below.

1). Observe him/her first

Your relationship is like any other relationship: you first need to know each other and then start bonding. For this, you have to observe her/him. He cannot talk, so you should be the one who interprets all the small details. Does she/he like being handled; does she/he like you to talk to them, what kind of food do they prefer? There a lot of things you will know, just by observing.

2). Act accordingly

Any pet requires and deserves respect, so you will show that to him/her. According to what your notes from the first point were, try to behave as he would want you to. In this way, he/she will start feeling secure and will see you as his friend.

3). Integrate him in your daily activities

Do you usually go to the grocery store/park every evening? Take your pet with you (if he/she is a dog, for example)! Did you plan on studying this afternoon? Take her/his little cage next to you. Do you want to cook something? Do not let your cat in the living room, just because you assume she will interfere! Bring her/him in the kitchen and kindly explain whatever you do.

4). Introduce him your family/friends

Slowly introduce him/her the most important people for you. Before doing that, guide them through the process: how is the pet like, what they should expect, how they should behave etc.

5). Spend time alone

Alone and focusing one to another. At first you will be focused on him/her, but soon you will see he/she will not reject you anymore, but appreciate this time with you. Be patient and do not hurry up things.

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