Labrador Retriever: Characteristics, Personality and Care

Labrador Retriever: Characteristics, Personality and Care


One of the most popular dog breeds, a Labrador Retriever is very much preferred whenever one thinks of getting himself or his family a dog. If this is your case too or you have already a Labrador Retriever, here are some basic information you should know about him: characteristics, personality and care.

Labrador Retriever – General Characteristics and Personality

This dog breed originates from Canada and is now recognized as a sturdy, healthy and friendly dog. The fur can be yellow, black or brown, thick and of medium length.

He was used as a hunting dog in the past and he still keeps many of these assets today. He is highly intelligent, with a calm temperament, understanding and loving once he accommodates into a family.

As he is very friendly, loyal, does not bark a lot and has sharp senses, a Labrador Retriever is perfect for families with children, blind or disabled people.

At the same time, considering their tracking, saving and hunting characteristics, Labrador Retrievers are often part of counter terrorism or drug troops.

Labrador Retriever – Health and General Care

Life expectancy for a Labrador Retriever is of 10-12 years. Being strong, active and sturdy, he has a good general health.

Of course, you should go with him to the vet whenever necessary and consider some important details.

For example, as he can be a very energetic dog (he also gets well, in time, in an apartment), it would be ideal to have a courtyard where to play and run every day.

If not, give him at least 2-3 walks of 30 minutes, each day with running exercises included. This will also protect him from gaining weight, another of his characteristics. He tends to eat a lot and gain weight, especially if you are not careful with his diet and exercise program.

The Labrador Retriever is a very clean dog: he requires just one brushing a week and 2-3 when in the molting period. The fur is not dirty so bath him as rarely as possible.

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