Why Hamsters Are Great Kids’ First Pet

Why Pet Hamsters Are Great Kids’ First Pet


You decided your child should have a pet. Good, but the hardest decision comes next: which pet is the best? Friends or just your research say pet hamsters might be a good fit, but you are not really quite convinced.

Read the below reasons and see if, at the end of this article, hamsters are on your top list.

1). They are small, so easy to handle

Being his first pet, it wouldn’t hurt to start with a small pet, just like hamsters. They will not require much space and your child will be able to do some tasks associated with its cage, for example.

2). They are good, clean and quiet

As long as you know something about their behavior and schedule, hamsters are good, clean and quiet. Just don’t set a wheel on their cage and bring it in the bedroom, as they tend to be more nocturnal pets.

Besides, even a small child can clean the cage of a hamster from time to time, this is all a hamster needs regarding cleanliness.

3). They do not require more demanding tasks

A dog needs you to walk him/her outside at least twice a day. A cat can be too fastidious for a small child, especially for their first pet. But a hamster is the great deal as it does not require such demanding tasks, at least for a small child.

4). They are cute and tend to bond easily with children

We shouldn’t forget their cuteness. Any child will be attracted to this. And any hamster will be attracted to a child. Some will bond easily with children, some will bond a little bit harder, but they will all have a strong relationship in the end.

5). Bonding is not easy to be made

The child will try to bond with the pet hamster with some small, repeated actions like taking the hamster from its cage in the evening, holding him in the lap for at least 30 minutes. This is how a child and a hamster make friends. Thus, the child will also learn how to get close to someone, how to be patient with something and how to make friends.

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